A rich and nourishing oil cleanser formulated to dissolve and remove buildup of dirt, debris and makeup. Theis blend of nourishing, non-comedogenic organic seed oils deeply cleanses pores, calms inflammation, inhibits acne-causing bacteria and strengthens resilience against environmental factors.


Organic cold pressed Pumpkin Seed oil, Cold Pressed Apricot kernel oil, Expeller Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil, essential oils of Neroli, Geranium, Sweet Orange.



Dispense a quarter-size amount of cleanser on dry skin. Gently massage for 60 seconds, focusing on areas that are congested. Add water and massage again to create a light emulsion for 15 seconds. Rinse well with lukewarm water and gently wipe away excess with a clean, damp towel. Follow with Hydrosol to maintain proper pH and support absorption of facial oils.

Facial Cleansing Oil

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  • 4 oz bottle