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What is Mindful Beauty?

On Instagram alone, #mindfulbeauty has been used over 60k times!

Trends show that we are rapidly returning to beauty care products consisting of natural, heritage ingredients paired with practices that offer a comforting, nurturing effect on skin, body and spirit.

It is clear that after the challenges many of us have experienced over the last few years, we are searching for solace and connection in our beauty routine that meet the needs of so much more than what we’ve been offered in the past.

To some big names in the industry, this means slapping a few buzz words onto a marketing campaign to sell hundreds -if not thousands- of bottles or jars filled to the very top with empty promises and exaggerated claims targeted not only at our wallets but also our deepest insecurities - all while calling it “self-care” or even "empowerment".

For others, #mindfulbeauty is a concept that starts at the surface of our skin and radiates deep into our being. It is applied from the time an ingredient, product or practice is chosen and holds an impact lasting far beyond the moments of touching the skin.

This practice combines the “slow beauty” movement of a mindful + minimal skincare routine with deep breathing, conscious movements/gestures, and meditation— acknowledging the skin, body, and spirit as one.

Through this ideology, we deconstruct the walls that mainstream beauty has built around our relationship with our skin and our spirit. Freeing ourselves from the confines of a "flawless complexion" and into a space of radical acceptance for who we are and what we offer to the world -- beyond what we look like.

Beauty culture is full of narratives that can lead us in many different directions. Adopting the mindful beauty approach puts the power of choice and influence back into the consumers hands, your hands. From here, you can experience and decide what truly works for you.

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