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Origins of Gua Sha

Originating as a healing technique in Traditional East Asian Medicine, body Gua Sha is an anti-inflammatory treatment with the intention to improve circulation and release stagnant blood and toxins. The oldest written records of Gua Sha date back 700 years. However, this treatment is believed to have roots deeper than 2,000 years old.

Traditionally, this healing modality is done on the body and involves a smooth, flat tool that is vigorously scraped (Gua means “to scrape”) along the surface of the skin to break down tension and relieve inflammation in various parts of the body. Gua Sha has been used as a first-aid for common conditions such as a cold, flu, headache, asthma, bronchitis and both chronic and acute pain. It’s also used to stimulate the immune system, detoxify the body and release fevers as the scraping brings excess heat and toxins to the surface of the skin.

Today, facial Gua Sha has been adapted as a gentle treatment and practice to promote long-term skin wellness. Performed with slow, steady strokes, regular practice encourages healthy flow of circulatory fluids, nutrients, and energies within the facial tissues. Results can range from brightened complexion, redness & wrinkle reduction, acne relief, de-puffing of the face and so many other visible improvements.

Whether you are experiencing a treatment from a professional (lucky you) or practicing this technique at home (glow, girl), you are likely to experience a reduction in stress and ease of the mind and body. Just as our bodies experience stress in the form of tight shoulders and tension migraines, stress shows up in our faces as well. This self-loving, tension melting wellness ritual will leave you glowing, inside and out.

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