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Choosing the Right Product for YOU

When making the intimate choice of what to put onto your skin & body, some key considerations when creating a mindful beauty practice are:

1. WHO you are buying from?

Research the brand and learn about their ethics

How is the product produced? How is it sold? Does this brand support your personal values?

2. WHAT you are buying?

Get technical and study the ingredients

What are the ingredients? What is the product meant to do? How does it work?

3. HOW is the product made?

Where do they source their ingredients? Are the materials recyclable or reusable?

4. WHY you are buying the product?

Ask yourself the deeper questions

How will this impact your skin? Does it effect your mental health? What are you hoping to correct or achieve? What makes you believe this productive is effective?

Once you have made an informed decision on what products you want to bring into your space, you must establish how you will meaningfully incorporate them into your life. Read "Creating Your Own Beauty Ritual" for ideas and inspiration

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