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Meg's Method

Higher Beauty is a concept that starts at the surface of your skin and radiates deep into your being. It is applied from the time a product/practice is chosen and holds an impact lasting far beyond the moments of touching the skin.

Meg's Method intuitively combines whole-plant skincare remedies with advanced facial massage, deep breathing, and meditation— acknowledging the skin, body, and spirit as one.

We divinely align with and proudly feature Glo Luxury Oils (made right here in Bozeman, MT!) in every facial experience.



Have you been stuck in the cycle of modern skin care? Meg invites you to re-think what you've learned to accept about your skin & learn how skin-focused facial massage can be the most impactful tool in your beauty ritual. 

Techniques like lymphatic drainage, connective tissue release, Gua Sha, facial cupping, acupressure & reflexology and other advanced modalities can transform and sustain the natural rhythm of vital energies within your body's largest organ. 

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