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Meghan Hay

Founder, Licensed Esthetician & Intuitive Beauty Guide

After more than a decade working in the field, Meg created

Faze Higher Beauty 

as away to escape & reform the modern skin & beauty industry and its 

one-size-fits all standards.

Faze Higher Beauty is a space + concept that not only recognizes, but celebrates our differences & inherent beauty through the lens of

the higher self.

In her work, Meg acts as a guide in the process of de-conditioning unrealistic beauty standards, simplify skin + body care practices, & facilitate an inclusive

ideal of beauty for all.


A Sacred Space

Whether you are connecting virtually or experiencing a session in the studio (lucky you!), Meg will ensure you feel welcome, centered & safe.


In session, Meg utilizes ancient & modern wisdoms to relax your nervous system, connect to your inner spirit, and transport your mind & body into a higher dimensional state.

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